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You don't have to be a master painter to create a stunning masterpiece! There are no limits - just choose a design that you can paint, turning it into an amazing painting on high-quality canvas. This set includes everything you need to create a picture!


  • 1 high-quality canvas with applied contours of the drawing, marked with a number;
  • 1 set of acrylic paints, numbered according to the numbers of colors into which the canvas is divided. You do not need to mix colors;
  • 3 brushes of different widths - small, medium and large. So you can start painting right away with the brush size that best suits the area.

Please note that the colors may vary slightly from those shown in the photo!


Painting by numbers is a system in which a painting is divided into fields, each marked with a number corresponding to the same paint jar number.

You color each area in turn and get a complete picture.

Now you can become a real artist and creator of beautiful paintings. You will get the pleasure of immersing yourself in the process of creativity, and the paintings you create will decorate the interior of your home or become a wonderful gift. Painting by numbers allows you to easily draw even the most complex lines and perfectly develops artistic taste, accuracy and attention.


✔ Easy to paint - You don't need to have any art-related skills. Just follow the simple instructions and create wonderful works of art.

✔ Relax and have fun - The pleasure of creating a stunning work of art. Painting by numbers will allow you to forget your worries, relax and develop your artistic talent at the same time.

✔ A great idea for decorating the interior of your home - What could be more fun than decorating your home or workplace with your own art?

✔ Shared time with loved ones - It's proven that any activity you do with loved ones strengthens relationships. Paint a picture by the numbers with your other half or brother/sister and let the magic of color enhance your connection.

✔ The perfect gift - When it comes to gifts, we are often confused because it is not easy to find the right gift. A paint-by-numbers set is the perfect solution!



Numbered acrylic paints in tightly closed containers (from 14 to 36 colors)


Branded cardboard box with handles and instructions


Primed cotton canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher


Brushes (3 pcs.);
Control sheet (QR code on the insert with a color image of the plot);
Wall mounts 2 pcs.

Who is this picture suitable for?

Honestly, we don’t know anyone for whom it wouldn’t suit. After all, paintings by numbers hide a huge selection of completely different themes and moods, so you can choose a plot specifically for your style and interests.

Our kits already include the essentials - everything without which it is impossible to create a personal masterpiece. The canvas itself with a picture, where each color is assigned its own number, paints that are as safe as possible for your health. A set of brushes for convenient painting.

Wall mounting - because we are sure that you are precisely focused on the fact that paintings by numbers will surprise your loved ones in your home.

All this wealth will be packed in sealed packaging so that the paintings by numbers reach you without damage.

Our little kingdom of coloring books is always ready to surprise you with impeccable gifts for any occasion, be it a birthday or New Year. And it’s worth pleasing your friends, yourself, and family not only on holidays.

Giving pleasant emotions is so easy if you do it together with StringArt.lv.

Not to mention the fact that painting by numbers is a great way to balance your state of mind and moral and psychological attitude, and to establish contact with your inner self.

Therefore, we are waiting for you in our coloring book store and will try to make every gift not just beautiful, but also bright.

Pictures for drawing - how to start?

1. Prepare and lay the table so as not to get it dirty. Fill a sippy cup with water to rinse your brushes.

2. Paint the numbered areas with the appropriate color of paint. There is no need to dilute paints with water.

3. Fill in areas of the same color first, going from large to small areas. Work your way from top to bottom.

4. Always start with large areas and gradually move to small ones that are more difficult to paint.

You have probably heard many times about the most creative pastime - painting by numbers.

So much noise about this new kind of creativity, so many speculations and myths. We decided to tell you more about them.

Painting by numbers is a hobby that will draw you into its beautiful networks. And, to be honest, no one has yet been able to stop at only one colouring.

That's why in our online shop StringArt.lv we have created for you the most unimaginable catalogue - colouring by numbers.